"have tea not war" tea gathering on Tawaraya boxing ring by Masanori Umeda for Memphis at R and Company New York photo : Pascal Perich clothes : Olympia Le-Tan mochi :

Why panda?: I am exploring a new version of Nijiriguchi. Nijiriguchi is a small crawl through opening to a tea room, people enter the world of theatre separate from the every day space, a dividing line from “ordinerly” to “extra ordinarily”. Samurai at the time when the nijiriguchi was invented, they had to bow down to feel humble and leave their sword behind. By asking to wear a panda costume, we can see if people are feeling peaceful inside, relaxed and ready enough to take a part of this adventure to enjoy and share the moment. Guests might leave cell phones behind instead of swords.

"茶を飲もう 争いはやめよう" 梅田正徳がメンフィスグループの為にデザインした ”たわらや” ボクシングリングでの茶会


場所:ニューヨーク アールアンドカンパニー
写真: パスカル・ペリッシュ
餅: Rin-nyc

MAI UEDA at R & Company Gallery in New York from pascal perich on Vimeo.