Tea Ceremony in the Artificial Nature

Concept of Mitate, presenting symbolic similarities between different things is one of the main act of tea ceremony. Japanese tea master Sen Rikyu activated this idea about 500 years ago, it is Japanese version of ready made concept by Duchamp.

Mai ended Experimental Tea Ceremony series with the theme Nodate (out side tea ceremony) and Mitate of Las Vegas strip as Zen garden.

One of the practice in zen is to meditate on impermanence of life.
Wabi Sabi aesthetic is an interpretation of earth symbols, we find cherry blossom's petals falling like snow more beautiful than it's blooming, the beauty of the sadness includes the hope of them coming back next year if we are lucky, it makes connection to the bigger picture of universe.
The beauty and the sadness of Las Vegas strip pool side is Wabi Sabi in that case.

Mai came back to Las Vegas after 10 years and it is looking very different, and heard that they bomb old buildings to keep building new ones, and thought this style of architecture is actually very zen in an unpredictable way.

Living in the moment, here and now, enjoying our Ichigo Ichie

Cosmopolitan swimming pool is the extreme copy of nature, a version of universe, Ichigo Ichie, in other words IT'S NOW OR NEVER as Elvis sings.




ラスベガスのダウンタウンでは今でもエルビスの"イッツナウオアネバー(今しかない)" が響き渡る

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