Mai Ueda + Mike Calvert - Tea Ceremony Wedding, Las Pozas for Eternal Internet Brotherhood Tea Ceremony by Satoko Souheki Mori

April 18th, 2013

Mai and Mike's statement:

We wanted to make a wedding as our participation to the Eternal Internet Brotherhood. Non of our family members came, but it was our internet family sharing love, matcha from a same cup made by a tea master and swimming naked in the lagoon at the end. Traditionally we share a cup of matcha to feel no boundary between people, I and you, we and others kind of concepts are put on the side when we share. We were all together.

We designed our garments inspired from meoto-iwa, loved one and loved one rocks in Japan that is decorated and connected by a sacred rope. According to Shinto, they represent union of creators that is a man and a woman gods and it is a celebration of marriage of the two.

Making this original wedding tea ceremony ourselves in Las Pozas was symbolic to us. Edward James moved there in the jungle to create his own world with own rules with friend artists. We wanted to join their spirit to do our union in a free way. We think Edward James was happy to see us, he appeared in Mai's dream later and showing us his new ongoing project.

Las Posas from mai ueda on Vimeo.