Mai organiazes a tea gathering for the closing day of Koochi-Muziris biennale India, at an art work by Valsan Koorma Kolleri which is a yard that is constantly changing by a sculptor in collaboration with nature.

Mai has set a mosquito net as a structure of a tearoom, to be able to practically and visually have semi privacy and peaceful independence. Sharing intimate times with guests, we have enjoyed conversation, tea, and signing on a plaster cast on fracture caused during Mai's stay in India. Cast, as well as the yard and nature reminds us of impermanence of life.


article onNew India Express インディアエクスプレスに取材していただきました

Kochi Muziris Biennnale コチビエンナーレはインドで最初のビエンナーレです

Photos by Shwetal Patel, Sajan Mani, Dipesh Pandya and Mai